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ZHTJ Foil-Stamping&Cutting Machine ismodern high-technical product,which is controlled by micro-computer,touch scr-een.It os used for foil-stamping all kinds of pringting products and paper boxes.Also it is suitable for precision cutting and creasing all kinds of cardboards, leather products,plastic,etc.

The data is inputted by the touch screen,all the foil-stamping parameters are controlled by the PLC.lt makes the operation easy,quick and avoid stoppage.

The-foil-stamping mould could be installed on the elector heating base.It is very easy to adjust,especially convenient to adjust several foil-stamping moulds.Also it could be directly attached on the electro heating base and suit-able for traditional habit.

The electro heating base is of 3 separated heating zones,whose temperature is autoad-justable at console display

←※ZHHJ-750 Foil-Stamping & Cutting Machine※→
Max sheet size 750x540(mm)
Max foil-stamping size 720x500(mm)
Max foil-staping & cutting pressure 80x10000(n)
Max working speed 28(times/min)
Voltage 2x3.8(kw)
Temperature 0-200(℃)
Foil-delivered group 2(groups)
Max foil-delivered length 540(mm)
Max foil-delivered error ±0.5(mm)
Skip frequency 0-99(times)
verall size(LxWxH) 1350x1200x1750(mm)
Main motor power 2.2(kw)
Net weight 2200(kg)
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